5 best DIY tips to style your t-shirts this summer

The summers are arriving and this the season which will have t-shirts and shorts being flaunted by the youngsters. The people who have shaped their body by vigorous exercises throughout the winters will flaunt the cuts of their muscles and t- shirts will totally occupy the wardrobes markets and the people as well in this coming season. There are many reasons as to why the t-shirts are preferred and first and foremost of them is the comfort they provide the person wearing them and not only that but there is an added benefit that the men’s t shirts are usually made of cotton which is a hypoallergenic material which also reduces the chances of allergies and problems like that which are a major issue during the summers.

Not only that but the t-shirts are cool as well. These are preferred by a wide range of people mostly due to the variation of style they provide and the coolness they offer the person wearing them. T-shirts have become the very first choice during the later spring and the summer season because of the above-mentioned benefits and that also leads to a problem of being a part of a crowd as every other person is in a t-shirt and in style context this becomes very common and thus one either needs to wear something else or search for some unique sort of a t-shirt. Searching for something new to wear is a fool’s errand as nothing is as comfortable in summers as the t-shirts and you should always keep comfort as the deciding factor in your decisions related to the clothes.

The next move is even more difficult which is to search for the unique style of t-shirt because these are not available that easy and the ones which are available are a joke in terms of style and it is better to avoid those. The only thing that you are left with is doing it yourself in designing your t-shirt to a unique or new style to make it look better than before and following are the few things that you can try in that context:

  • Unique pocket: this work would require very less sewing skills and you can find a piece which is funny or unique or bright and search for a t-shirt accordingly to stitch that piece of cloth on that t-shirt as a pocket.
  • Screen print: Choose a design that would look good on your t-shirt and take that design and place it accordingly on your t-shirt and iron it by placing a handkerchief or a tracing paper over it to avoid any damage to the design.
  • Losing the sleeve: You just need a pair of scissors and an old designer t-shirt that you want to design, and you have to chop off the sleeves and stich the ends accordingly. Now you have sleeveless designer t-shirt.
  • Hoodie addition: This one would require high level stitching or sewing skills as you would be adding a hoodie over your t-shirt made out of you old t-shirt but this gives a very good look to the t-shirt.
  • Stick cartoon figures: Take up acrylic colours and let your imagination in stick cartoon figure flow on the fabric or your plain t-shirts. This would make your t-shirt look funny yet simple.