Posted On By Hans Aanrud

Everybody knows that the monsoon season is the worst for all for those who like to try new styles for fashion. Do not get me wrong. You can dress up all you want but one wrong move, and you will be out in the rain, drenched from head to toe in your stylish outfit. Well, that would be rendered useless. Monsoons are made for practical clothing like joggers. If you try to go against this and wear some really cute outfits, the raincoat and jackets are going to cover all that jazz up.

For sticking to practical clothing for the monsoons, here are three reasons why joggers are ideal.

  • Practicality
    As mentioned multiple times before, the monsoon season is made for practical clothing. The ones on the top of my list are joggers. They are absolutely no-nonsense and are great substitutes for pants. When you are wearing normal pants, they tend to get splashed around in the puddles and get mud smeared all over them. The cinch at the ankles doesn’t allow the fabric to move around and hence prevents it from getting wet and/or It maintains your look and keeps you presentable.

  • Comfort
    If you have ever worn a pair of joggers, you know what I am talking about. They are so comfortable. Imagine it is acceptable to wear the same clothes inside as well as outside the house. It is socially acceptable to wear joggers in public even though they are an item of clothing that can be worn for lounging around the house. Especially when you don’t want to dress up, just throw on a pair of joggers, and you are ready to run out of the house and get all your errands done. The bottoms come in various types of fabrics, from cotton to rayon to various additions to it. The additions can be a layer of lining made up of fleece. The waistbands are also of different types, elastic or drawstring.
  • Versatility
    Joggers can be dressed up or dressed down according to the occasion. They can be easily incorporated into any outfit. They also come in various styles, prints, and colours. You can wear them with gunjees, t-shirts, and even shirts. A pair of sneakers go best with them and keep the look toned down. It is all about how you style them. Finding the right type of a pair of joggers could be a bit of a challenge, but nothing something a little bit of research online cannot solve. There are many new types available in the market. Some companies have started coming up with waterproof ones for the fast-approaching monsoon season. Now, these new types of joggers are perfect in terms of style and functionality. They are sure to protect you from the rains and keep you looking fresh and presentable throughout the day.

These are just a few points mentioned in favor of joggers. There are many more reasons as to why joggers are great for the rainy season. They are also in trend right now so essentially even though you are wearing a practical outfit you fit in with the trends too. It is a win-win situation. Sure, joggers have caused a lot of controversy in the fashion world, but as of now, you should surely stock up on a couple of pairs before the monsoon season hits. They are surely going to be a saviour. Be sure to thank me when you get endless compliments on your outfit and don’t have to keep changing your outfit because it does not look presentable anymore.