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The practice of Law: Is it better to work in a Large Law Firm?

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Only a few numbers of lawyers get to join a large ranking law firm. These law firms are considered giants in the legal practice industry and are known as mega-firms or “Big Law”. They are the great white shark of legal practice. There is a good reason why only a handful of lawyers get to join their ranks, their application is extremely competitive.

Besides the competition, a large law firm’s offers unique benefits that set it apart from another practice atmosphere. They seem to have the edge in terms of salaries and advancement which makes them attractive to applicants.

Here are the main reasons why working in the “Big Law” is better for you.

Your colleagues have good credentials

Large law firms are willing to pay a large amount of cash to qualified lawyers. For that reason alone, they can recruit the most competitive and qualified lawyers, paralegals, and staff. They carefully hand-picked their recruits and select only those top students from the most prestigious law schools. Their paralegals in large firms normally have a bachelor’s degree as well as experience in their legal specialty.

Chester solicitors

High Salaries:

This may come as an obvious reason but large law firms like Chester solicitors attract a lot of applicants because they pay good money. They rank among the highest paid practice environments for legal professionals, granting their employee’s more generous compensation packages compared to those working in the government, small firms, non-profit, or public interest sectors. These firms can afford to pay well because they easily attract big time and moneyed clients making their financial structure stable.

Better Firm Resources

Large firms have the luxury to acquire extensive resources in their facility, ranging from full-service copy centers, in-house gyms to extensive law libraries and full-service canteens. They also have reliable administrative and support staff like legal secretaries, paralegals, IT personnel and messengers.

Diverse Client Bases

One of the best takeaways in working at a large law firm is that their clients tend to be more plentiful and diverse compared to smaller firms. Having this type of client means that it will be less encounter financial difficulty into the event that the client takes its business somewhere else.

Big law firms also have multi-jurisdictional practices and multiple locations all over the globe, allowing lawyers and paralegals to serve international clients.

Well-Developed Training Programs

This is where large law firms get even more attracted to fresh law graduates is that they provide establish well-defined training and mentoring programs for associates, paralegals, and other law firm professionals. They also have summer associate programs as well as in-house educational programs that develop growth and learning opportunities for the employees.

Pro Bono Initiatives

Many bar associations require ongoing pro bono participation and free legal consultation for membership. Working in a large law firm can be helpful as these firms establish pro bono and public service programs that encourage lawyers to work to a certain number of hours to helping the under-served sector of the population, such as children and the elderly.