How to make toddler footy pjs nonslip?

If you have a baby then you know the importance of footy pjs. You must have to prefer non-slip footie pjs for your child. There are numerous designs of footie pjs available in the market, you can choose anyone according to your choice. But you can also make toddler footy pjs your own by using a few materials at home. You can save a lot of money by making footy pjs at home.

These are few steps that you must have to follow to make toddler footy pjs at home:

  • Test painting 

Before starting making footy pjs you must have to check the material first. You have to check the fabric paint first. For testing it you must have to use old socks. If the socks absorb the paint then you must have to use another fabric paint.

  • Check your baby’s feet 

You have to put the onesie on your baby and let them stand. While he is standing then you must have to note the most slippy area. Because you will paint all the slippy areas of the pjs so that your baby will not feel slippy in them.

  • Painting the feet 

Now, this is the fun part as you have to paint the onesie. You can use a spatula to paint the onesie as it is very easy to paint with it. You can also simply rub the paint on the fabric just to avoid peeling off.

  • Drying and fitting 

Now after painting you have to let the onesie dry. You can leave it for the whole night so that it will dry properly and does not smudge with the floor. After drying let the baby wear it and walking or playing on the floor. Make sure that your design covers all the slippage areas properly. You can design an onesie according to your choice and preference.