How to ship products sold online: package sizes

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Since most couriers and shipping services charge based on size and weight, it is best to create small and light packaging and packages. This will allow you not to overcharge either you or your customers with shipping costs, keep your   sales profit margin sustainable, and reduce the environmental impact of shipping dakota terdekat.

Depending on your business and product type, you may want to consider always having various shipping materials on hand, including boxes of various sizes.

Develop a pricing strategy

Before shipping your products, it will be advisable to choose your strategy regarding shipping costs to customers. The  sale price  is also closely linked to the cost of shipping, which is why it is important to apply a good pricing strategy. Let’s see how.

Free e-commerce shipping

Offering  free shipping  to customers is an increasingly popular and often crucial choice to reduce  shopping cart abandonment rates . That said, as you can imagine, shipping is never really free. Someone has to pay for it. Again, you have several options:

wahana surabayaRaise product prices to cover shipping costs (pay the customer).

Pay the full price of the shipment from your margins (you pay for everything).

Partially increase the price of the products to cover part of the shipping costs (splitting the cost between you and the customer).

Alternatively, you can set the  shipping rate configuration  to offer it  free for orders above a certain amount  (minimum order). The latter strategy can help cover shipping costs by encouraging a higher level of spending in your online store; but it is important to note that it is still you who will bear the cost.

How to ship products sold online by applying courier rates

Another effective strategy is to charge the rates applied by the various couriers. Ecommerce platforms which can be integrated in real time with some major carriers, such as FedEx, in order to report their prices live. This allows your customers to choose and pay for the delivery service they prefer.