Turmeric gives an exotic flavor to foods and can also be taken as a food supplement

With its delicate flavor, turmeric, together with ginger, cinnamon and chilli, is considered a useful spice to enrich many dishes with taste and color. In fact, it can be used in many ways: in smoothies and extracts, to flavor herbal teas, teas and fruit infusions, to make the famous Golden Milk drink – used in Ayurvedic medicine – or to give an exotic taste to meat, rice, soups and other western and oriental recipes. Visit theislandnow.com.

To avoid the dispersion of some of its nutritional principles, it is recommended to add it at the end of cooking. Also, for it to be better assimilated, it should be accompanied by a little pepper or a fatty condiment such as olive oil.

Turmeric Supplements: An alternative to powdered spice

Medicinal herbs and spices can be taken in a variety of ways, not just as a food or ingredient. If you intend to use turmeric to facilitate some beneficial processes , it is advisable to take it in the form of a food supplement : formulated in such a way as to allow maximum bioavailability, it contains the right amount of active ingredient that the body needs.

In fact, supplements are excellent when it is not possible to meet the daily requirement of active ingredients present in foods, medicinal herbs or spices. These are not substitutes, but supplements, in fact. So I can’t replace a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

In general, turmeric is considered safe – but it can have contraindications if taken in excessive doses, so it is always better to follow the directions of your doctor before taking it.