How To Prevent Ransomware Attacks?

Ransomware is a method of restricting access to your data in a digital device like a computer or a mobile phone and if you want the access back, you have to pay the ransom amount to remove such a restriction on access. This method is illegal as a person doesn’t have access to his own private information. The most dangerous Ransomware attacks are done by WannaCry, Petya, Cerber, Locky and CryptoLocker Ransomware.

The methods

There are many ways in which attackers approach you and trick you into downloading the attachments they want on your computer or mobile to lock your device. Such methods are mentioned as below.

  • You may receive some pop up messages or some warnings that is demanded amount is not paid by a certain date, the decryption key will be destroyed.
  • The victim may be tricked into believing that he is the subject of an official inquiry. On being informed about the illegal content he has access to, he will be given instructions for how to pay an electronic fine for that subject.
  • The victim may be threatened that his private data will be exposed if the said amount is not paid by the given date.

Mobile Ransomware are very common with the increase in the use of smart phones. We have seen many examples of Ransomware attacks on computer devices. Nowadays, the Ransomware attackers have also targeted the mobile phone using population. The most targeted users include the users of Android operating system platform, as it allows applications to be installed from third-party sources.

Ransomware prevention

There are different methods to use Ransomware and earn money. And, to protect your data against such attacks, one of the best methods is to make a backup of you data and update it regularly. This is the best method because you do not have to worry about any loss of access to your original data if you have the exact same copy of it. Additionally, there must be an antivirus software installed in your original device. You must be careful before clicking on any link. Victims should do all they can to avoid paying ransoms.

These methods ensure you that, you have access to your data in any case of loss. While Ransomware attacks can prove to be impossible to stop, these important data protection measures can e taken by individuals and large organizations to ensure that damage is minimal and recovery is a quick as possible.

These kinds of attacks were first reported in Sweden, Britain and France, but Russia and Taiwan are said to be the most common victims, according to US media.  Major companies that have reported attacks are FedEx, Telefonica and National Health Service (UK).

How to prevent Ransomware attacks
  • The operating software on your device must be up to date at all times. The browser and other apps must also be updated regularly.
  • Ensure the presence of up to date antivirus software on your device.
  • Install anti-Ransomware application on your