The trip to Langkawi is made comfortable with online ticket booking!

Visiting new places would be more fun and it is one of the best ways to spend your holidays with your family and friends.  And the first thing to do is to select the location for visiting. There are various places around the world that provide amazing travel experiences. Among these, visiting the places with natural sceneries would be a pleasant and a remarkable experience.  One of such places is the Langkawi islands that are located in the Andaman Sea is a part of the northwest region of Malaysia. As these are islands it provides the opportunity to enjoy the ferry travel. There are various ferry ports available that provide the trip to Langkawi islands.  So it becomes necessary to select ports that are more convenient to the people. One among such port would include the Kuala Kedah.  This travel by ferry from kuala kedah to langkawi would be approximately of about an hour and 45 minutes.

Places to visit in Langkawi!

Langkawi is known to be the archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea and it is commonly known as the jewel of Kedah. There are various places in Langkawi that make your trip to be more interesting. Such places would include Sky Bridge, that is located 700m above the sea level and it a 124 m curved pedestrian bridge that provides the aerial view of the Langkawi islands and its surroundings. In order to reach this bridge is possible only by the cable cars.  And Langkawi also contains the underwater world that provides the possibility for viewing the underwater creatures in the ocean. This includes various creatures like sharks, stingrays, green turtles and etc.  Apart from this, Langkawi is also rich is flora and fauna, in contains bird sanctuaries, and wildlife parks, where one can view the rainforests and swamps and the various varieties of birds and animals. And 2D and 3D museums in Langkawi are amazing and have attracted more people. Thus, in order to enjoy all these trips, the first thing that has to be done is to book ferry tickets to travel by ferry from kuala kedah to langkawi. There are various websites on the internet that provide these facilities to the people. So it becomes necessary to select the website that provides quality of service to the people.