The Must Visit Places In Malaysia’s Very Own Silicon Valley

Tune Hotel DPulze Cyberjaya

The Silicon Valley of Malaysia, Cyberjaya is a city that is known for its science park which served as the core of the country’s multimedia corridor. Located in the Sepang district in Selangor, Cyberjaya is adjacent to the Putrajaya. This is home to Malaysia’s companies that specialize in science and technology and has been a very popular tourist destination in the country aside from Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

Aside from being the country’s Silicon Valley, Cyberjaya has a lot to offer to its visitors to keep them coming back because of their amazement especially when it comes to its malls, shopping centers, and the food.

Practically, Cyberjaya is a beautiful and well-developed city that boasts great attractions that offers unique travel experience for tourists. One way to make this happen is to start booking a plane ticket and book a room at the Tune Hotel DPulze Cyberjaya.

Tune Hotel is strategically located within a walking distance to Cyberjaya’s the Gateway, a humongous mall that will give you non-stop shopping spree and endless entertainment that you will surely enjoy. If you have problems where to visit when you are in Cyberjaya, here is a list of the best places that you should go and have a wonderful experience in Malaysia’s Silicon Valley.

Tune Hotel DPulze Cyberjaya

  1. CYBERJAYA LAKE GARDENS- The city is known for its malls, shopping centers, and establishments and if you are the type of person who wants to enjoy a tranquil and peaceful place for relaxation, Cyberjaya’s Lake Garden is the best choice for you. This also served as the city’s greenery and lung and known a recreational site for the locals and visitors as well. This tourist spot has its own playground, a lookout tower and a scenic boardwalk along the lake that is perfect for bird-watching, strolling, and a perfect place to propose to your loved one.
  2. GEM IN MALL- Since the city is popular because of its malls and techno hubs, you can buy almost anything there that ranges from souvenirs, gadgets, branded clothing, and a lot more. One of the best-recommended malls there is the Gem in Mall which is one of the most visited malls in Malaysia because of its plethora of restaurants, leisure centers, and stores.
  3. DPULZE SHOPPING CENTER- When you visit Cyberjaya, there is no way that you can miss this mall which is considered as the biggest and the best-designed mall in the city. Dpulze Shopping center has diverse patrons as it caters office workers, university students, families, and tourists, and compared to other malls, it has its own version of local and international restaurants that you can choose from.
  4. RAYCER POWERHOUSE- Although Cyberjaya is relatively a small city, however, it is not short of fun recreational activities which includes go-karting at the Raycer Powerhouse where regular racing tournaments are held every weekend and during the weekdays it is open for everyone who wants to experience adrenaline rush at its technical racing course.
  5. SHAFTSBURY SQUARE- Unlike other shopping malls in Cyberjaya, Shaftsbury Square is a mixture of retail shops and offices that makes it a very lively environment which has a lot to offer to mall goers.