Hokkaido Tour Package



Japan is known for its unique beauty of all seasons, and one the best ways to perceive with eyes the nature miracle is travelling to remote Island Hokkaido. This Hokkaido Tour package island vacation processes only once per season and each exit is adapted to draw special attention to the best features of each season.

During the trip of Hokkaido the best location to stay is Sapporo which is the capital of Hokkaido where you can have an easy access to different cities of Hokkaido Tour Package for all budgets. We shall discuss few of them below;

  • Asahiyama Zoo, shirogane blue pond day tour:It is one of the most prominent zoos on the island where you can have a look to spot a polar bear, wolves, and penguins.
  • Breathtaking shirogane blue pond which consists of unique water where you will feel like jumping in it.
  • Sightseeing cruise at Ishikari Bay It is the vast blue sea of Hokkaido and beauty of the Ishikaribay watch through the cruise. The highlight of this cruise is Otaru blue cave whose water turns from turquoise to blue as you enter the cave
  • The most interesting way of Otaru is a rickshaw tour where you enjoy the local traveling like piers, canal, and stockyards.
  • The most popular restaurant with exceptional toppings and sushi rice, whereas its ingredients are freshly selected from coastal waters of Otaru.
  • Hokkaido is associated with expansive flower fields in full bloom and farm Tomita that’s the best place to go for this.
  • Noboribetsu Marine Park is an underwater fantasy where it entertains everyone. It has 20,000 marine animals in 400 different species.