The specifications of smartphones Google Pixel 2

All attention in the smartphone market is now riveted on the future devices of the iPhone 8 from Apple and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and meanwhile Google continues to work on preparing for the release of Google Pixel 2 models.

Another leak of information allows you to get acquainted with their possible hardware characteristics. It is expected that two models will appear, as it was last year. There were rumors that there could be three smartphones, but then it was said that one of them decided to refuse.

Two smartphones are now listed under the code names Taimen and Walleye; these names are coming up not for the first time, which gives this news certainty. The source said that the appearance of smartphones can take place in September or October, that is, at about the same time as the new smartphones Apple and Samsung. Apple iPhone 8 can be announced in early September, but sales can start in just a few weeks. As for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the sources speak about it appearing towards the end of September.

A smartphone, codenamed Taimen, is replacing Pixel XL which will be called Google Pixel 2 XL. Like larger iPhones 7 Plus and Galaxy S8 Plus, it will receive a large screen with minimal borders around the edges. Probably, we will use a screen type OLED from LG with a diagonal of 5.99 inches and a resolution of 1440p. Thanks to the small frames, the case must be compact for a screen of this size.

A modern flagship chip Snapdragon 835 will be used, the amount of RAM will be 4 GB. In Google believe that at the moment this value is enough, although there are already smartphones with a memory capacity of 6 GB and even 8 GB. The number of built-in flash memory is expected at 128 GB, of which about 100 GB are available to users, other options may be offered.

Google is going to use a combination of glass and metal on the back of the case, the headphone jack will be saved. The cameras in front and behind will receive 12 MP and 7 MP resolutions.

The Walleye smartphone will be more compact and will receive a 4.97-inch screen with a resolution of 1080p, the frames will be the same as those of the current Pixel model. Although at first it seems like a minus, this solution will allow to include additional technologies in the smartphone, like front speakers for stereo sound.

However, fans enjoy listening to music early, because there will not be an analog jack for normal 3.5 mm headphones. The processor will also be Snapdragon 835, 4 GB memory, 64 GB storage. Prices for both smartphones are expected at the level of last year’s models.