Tablet as a Learning App

Posted On By Hans Aanrud

Typically owning a tablet till about a year or two back was considered a status symbol as it was still counted as a luxury item. It is not the same anymore. If you have noticed lately most of the learning Apps, for example, are tablet friendly meaning if your child is enrolled for taking lessons from one of these Apps, you need to have a tablet at home for running it. In schools, another example, computers have been replaced by tablets in classrooms where the teachers teach using the wall as a screen. At a personal level tablets are great for surfing the internet, playing games especially the ones that are rich in graphics, learning and switching between Apps. Some of the tablets perform the above functions at great speed, some do it slower. It is due to the operating system and the quality of the tablet.

If you are planning to buy one consider few of the aspects below before making the final decision:

  1. Screen Size: this is an important aspect as it is one of the undermining difference between a smart phone and a tablet
  2. Operating system: There’s the android and the iOS operating systems that run the tablets. There is also a Windows OS for tablets but it’s not very commonly used. While choosing the operating system remember that the iOS is a polished OS but not very flexible; Android is easy to learn but not so easy to use and the windows 10 has the maximum features because it’s an extension of the computer operating system and is good for people who use the tablet as a computer but it’s expensive of all the three.
  3. Data plan or Wi-Fi: Will a tablet with 4g SIM card option like the calling tablet be suitable or the one that works with Wi-Fi only? Do you want to go in for one that has a built-in data plan sold by a particular cellular operator or will you take one without?
  4. Apps: Look into the App sizes and configurations that will be an essential part of the tablet. You don’t want the tablet memory to run out thereby limiting the Apps to work properly.
  5. Tablet Price: The good part is that there are lots of brands that are manufacturing tablets and because of this competition there’s huge range of 4g tablet price in India to choose from. Be it the calling tablets or the normal ones, tablet shopping online will help you to understand the different price points. The online media gives you some of the best 4g calling tablet price in India.

After having studied your requirement of a tablet vis-à-vis the factors mentioned above, search online for the best tablet in India. A list of 5 top-most or 10 top-most models from roughly 2 to 3 sites should be enough to throw light on the model/s that best suits your requirement. It’s pretty simple after that.  Look for the best offer that you get from the top e-commerce sites and choose the final one.