Samsung: Innovating Televisions over the Years

Posted On By Hans Aanrud

Samsung is a Korea-based electronics company, which has been amongst the leading electronic giants ever since its release. Samsung has been responsible for innovating and introducing new technologies in the television industry. Moreover, Samsung has even been amongst the top annual sellers for the number of television units sold worldwide for several times and had also been the world’s top producer of Televisions for a back-to-back 9 quarters in 2008.

The Earlier Days:

With an end to the World War II, televisions were becoming popular throughout the US and the European countries with an increase in broadcastings and the number of viewers. In 1960’s, the world also saw its first ever colored television; however, the television was still an unknown thing in the Asian countries. With an approach to sell television in the Asian market, including Korea, US companies landed with an agreement with the government to share the technology with the local companies where Samsung set in its foot in the television market and set off to reach the limits.

The Development of Samsung Televisions:

In 1970, broadcasts had become a bit common in Korea, and in the same year, Samsung sought to launch its first television. Its first product was a black and white display P-3202, which took over the Korean market and crossed over a million units by 1967 for sales in Korea alone.

The Introduction to the Colored Era:

Samsung developed its own colored set of televisions and started exporting it throughout Asia in 1977. By 1978, the company had produced over 4 million black and white sets, which were over and above any other company throughout the world. Though the black and white televisions were being turned out in the western world, the black and while the world had just set in the eastern countries and was being welcomed with open arms. By 1982, Samsung had broken all the records and had produced over 10 million black and white, and, over a million sets of colored televisions which were being sold all over the world.

Becoming the Leader:

In the 1990’s, Samsung was in news for creating the world’s largest LCD screen, measuring 30”, and in 1998, the company came in with the first ever digital technology being introduced in the televisions. With the continued innovations and creations, Samsung came in with its latest technology in 2017 with the Quantum Dot, HDR, and the 100%  Color Volume which revolutionized the television world and set apart the Brand name.