Is there a money-back guarantee by VyprVPN?

VyprVPN does not offer a money-back guarantee 24 hours after signing up for an account, regardless of how many signs up for the offer. Hence, there’s no need to try out their service once this period has elapsed since they usually offer excellent deals during this period. Their customer support is quite good, though, if you have problems while using their service, so it’s still worth giving it a try even if it costs nothing since many users experience difficulties connecting to VPN servers or have issues with their subscription debit cards. VyprVPN results are good and they are of good qualities.

This VyprVPN server is located in the Netherlands and is based in the U.S., so you may or may not encounter Onion routing, so we suggest using it in the USA. It is also worth noting that this VyprVPN server is a bit hidden because it is located in the Netherlands, so you may not find it easily on the website.

VyprVPN may not be the best all-around VPN provider, but it deserves a place on your list of “go-to” VPN providers. It has excellent security features and offers some pretty powerful server locations, i.e., France/Germany/Netherlands (excellent for unblocking websites)! You can even connect to servers in China and Russia though you’ll have to bypass their censorship restrictions! The service is highly versatile, making it suitable for most internet users – even those who use multiple devices! All in all, 2012 was a good year for VyprVPN; they’ve got just what they need to keep existing users and attract new ones. Keep up the good work, guys.