How Sage 200 Is Useful For Warehousing And Distribution Business?

Posted On By Hans Aanrud
Sage 200

If you are into the warehousing and distribution business, then keeping everything on track must be one of your primary concerns. A large number of orders, with multiple locations and round-the-clock movement, can make things difficult if things are not managed properly.

To keep everything in place, it is essential to use a robust system which will look after all the key procedures. Whether you want to manage your warehouse effectively or carry out distribution management seamlessly, the system should integrate everything and bring the task to one place for your convenience. 

Sage 200 is one such product management system that would help you in several ways with your business. It would identify your purchase orders, and manage them to meet your future demands. It also helps with inventory levels, product/customer trends, maximising sales opportunities, and addressing customer concerns for their better experience.

Stock Traceability Maintenance

The software comes with Barcoding and Warehousing modules, which help to solve the issues related to traceability. The module can be accessed on any compatible devices, where the real-time stock transactions taking place on the shop floor will be displayed. This would ensure efficient inventory management, and the process will be accurate and fully tracked.

Sage 200Customer Interaction And Relationship

Customers are the top point of focus for any business. As the competition gets fierce, to be at the top of the business, one must offer the best products and services to their customers. Happy customers have a high retention rate and that will help to take your business further.

With sage 200, your sales team would get a view of the real-time inventory, which will help them to give accurate information in terms of product availability when they are interacting with the customers. As this is cloud-based software, your remote sales team can also easily access it. It also gives alerts in case there is a delay in the purchase orders. When the customer is well and accurately informed, their experience also improves.

Increased Profitability

The software offers a detailed view of all the costs and revenues through different stages of the product life cycle. It is equipped with powerful analytics and reporting which helps to accurately analyse cost and profitability with different attributes. It also helps you to track cash flow daily and gives different cross-sales functionalities to the sales team. It ensures easy management of complex pricing structures, which ensures more sales at the best price, and this, in turn, increases profitability.

Thus, it can be said that the management software can help warehousing and distribution businesses face different challenges efficiently. It brings different aspects of your business under one roof and reduces the complexity of the system.