High Ceiling Designed Homes Need Highly Efficient Air Conditioner for Quick Cooling

Posted On By Hans Aanrud

Summer is the right time when you need something to cool your mind and body when you enter your house or office. In earlier days, ceiling fans were enough to cool down temperature. However, due to global warming every year when temperature rises every summer, you feel that ceiling fan isn’t sufficient to reduce the temperature inside.

It is difficult to afford an AC but you will see at least one AC in every house due to the necessity. Manufacturers bring out new technologies and system that can help control energy and electricity bill as well.

When you plan to buy an AC you visit various retailers. Then the entire family sits down at a round table conference for brainstorming. How sad it is when you realize you missed out certain questions that were to be asked from the salesperson. All these discussions, search, comparisons take up lot of time and energy. To make your life easy you can go online on compareraja.in, which is similar to the Currys PC world engine.

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When you build a home you invest a lot in it. Therefore, you try your best to save money from anywhere possible. Whether it is LED bulbs or electronic appliances all have to be from good company that saves energy and needs less maintenance. However, homes that have high ceilings face lot of trouble in cooling their house during summer and warm in winter. No doubt high ceiling appeals a lot because your room looks big and spacious. However, it is a challenge to maintain the room temperature contrast to the temperature outside.

Here are few steps that can help you in maintaining a pleasant room temperature that has high ceilings –

  • AC is sold depending upon the room’s square size. If the room is large with high ceilings then the ton capacity of AC should also be more to maintain the balance otherwise the compressor remains on the entire day to meet the room temperature resulting in increased electricity bill.
  • The air conditioner should be placed on the dark side of the room. By any chance if it is in contact with direct sunlight, then it has to function harder to cool the room.
  • It is good to install more fans in a large room which helps in circulating fresh air from air conditioner faster. If you add extension rods to the ceiling fans so that they are eight feet above the ground it helps cooling your room faster.
  • Ventilation with huge exhaust fan is extremely important in houses with high ceiling. This way at night when you open windows for fresh air, the exhaust fan can drag warm air out of the house and pull cool breeze inside the room.

There are various options available in the market. It isn’t necessary that expensive brands would give you good results. It is imperative that you do your homework properly and check the price range. Sometimes, you get something at reasonable price which can match your needs.