Galaxy S9 Latest Modem Technology – Rapid Downlink Speed

Galaxy S8 is a fluid phone: Do you know what does that mean? It is true that to say that a phone is more or less fluid is a very abstract statement, but when you want to know what we mean when we say that the Galaxy S8 is a very fluid phone, think of a cell in which you can access in question seconds to Camera app from the apps open in the background; Think of a mobile in which you can use with absolute ease two applications at once on the screen; And, in short, think of a mobile in which games of the likes of FIFA Mobile or Extreme Landings go like silk. Samsung kept the same sort of smoothness, flexibility, and easiness during functioning of the apps in Galaxy S9 as well to provide the users a great comfort while running the phone. This upcoming flagship Galaxy S9 will inaugurate next year, till then we have to wait for its arrival.

These were the most powerful motives of last year

Now, let’s talk about numbers. To no one’s surprise, the Samsung Galaxy S8 achieves a data read/write speed (in internal memory) of 574.06 MB / s and 217.50 MB / s, respectively. And we say that it is no surprise because they are results that are very close to the 562.48 MB / s and 206.9 MB / s that got the Galaxy S8 + in our review, so we did not expect any figures different. Obviously upcoming meticulous Galaxy S9 will offer a little highest among these. The rumor suggests that Galaxy S9 will be empowered by LTE CAT.18 6 CA modem technology, a wireless chip with Bluetooth-6 technology and will offer download speed of 1.2Gbps enabling the device to download HD videos in just 10 seconds.

S9 read and write speeds

These figures have been collected through the application of A1 SD Bench, which also revealed that the score reached by this Samsung phone when writing data on its internal storage is slightly above the numbers that have registered in The same test terminals such as the Huawei Mate 9 phones (350.7 / 134.3 MB / s), the Huawei P10  (560.84 / 147.96 MB / s) or the  Xiaomi Mi5  (448,82 / 141 , 6 MB / s). Galaxy S9 is no longer behind in case of the speed. S9 will come up with Exynos 9810 processor that offers an ultimate speed, superb power efficiency, 45% lower battery consumption.

And what about the fingerprint reader? In Galaxy S8, it works great, and the only criticism about its presence on this phone is its position. What we also have, in addition to the unlocking by footprint, are two other ways to access the phone: through the iris scanner, which forces us to look at a fixed point on the screen, and through face recognition, which works Very fast so just put the phone in front of our face. In Samsung Galaxy S9, we could see the fingerprint scanner on a different site. The scanner would work 10% faster than Galaxy S8.