How to Undo Boost Modern Boosting Warfare

Modern Warfare 2 contains a feature called Skill Based Match Making, which means the AI will try to team you up with players at your skill level. As a result, if the AI thinks you’re a good player, you’ll be pitted against other good players. If you’re a bad player who has recently performed well in a few games in a row, you may find that your opponents appear to be more skilled, which they most likely are. You’ll need to deceive the AI into believing you’re worse than you are to rectify this, so here’s how to reverse Cod boost in Modern Warfare:

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Let’s be honest: being paired against players that are far better than you is not pleasant. However, if you’ve been on a roll in recent encounters and suddenly find yourself struggling, you’ve most certainly been bumped up a tier and are now up against stronger opponents. To fast return to a comfortable level of play, you’ll need to trick the AI into believing you’re a poorer player than you are.

This technique is known as reverse boosting. Play poorly in 3-5 matches to reverse boost in Modern Warfare. Things like missing shots on purpose, dying a lot, and plain idiocy should suffice. After a few bouts, you’ll realize that your opponents are a little easier than they used to be, and you’ll be able to resume normal performance. However, if you perform too well, you’ll be promoted to a better set of players and forced to reverse boost, so you’ll need to strike a balance.

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It’s also worth noting that in Modern Warfare, really good players would sometimes employ the reverse boosting method to attempt and match against newer players to perform well. Unfortunately, if you’re put in a lobby with players who are using the reverse boost powers for evil, there’s not much you can do about it except leave the lobby and match with a different pool of players.


The fourth season of Cod boosts: Modern Warfare and Warzone, which debuted on June 10, is now in progress. A new Battle Pass, map, weaponry, and more were included in the current season update. Modern Warfare 2 has received a fresh easter egg, allowing players to find a minigun-wielding teddy bear. Season 4 of Warzone added a new feature called Jailbreak, which will enable players who are still in the game to rejoin the team even if they have lost in the Gulag in rare situations.