What is Ruby Gemstone?

Ruby gemstone is blood red colored gemstone. It is one of the rare and most valuable gemstone among ‘navaratnas’. It is very rare and holds the astrological powers. It is the stone of love, inspiration, and emotion. In ancient time, people believed that Ruby gemstone grows in the tree and when it becomes red then it is ready to get plucked. It has the great importance since then.

Ruby is one of the most beautiful, precious and powerful among all the gemstone. The power of Ruby is also described in the holy bible and ancient Sanskrit carvings. Ruby is the second hardest material to ever exist on the earth surface after diamonds. The use of Ruby gemstone is practiced from the ancient time. There are many color complexions of the Ruby gemstone. The light gemstone is preferred to the women whereas the dark Ruby is suggested for the men. It holds much mystical power that increases the courage, love, and emotion in the wearer. Nowadays, people gift this Ruby gemstone during their engagement to make their relation happy till eternity, because it is beautiful and hold the astrological powers.

Where are these Ruby gemstones found?

There are only limited places in the earth where this stone is found. It is the second hardest substance after diamond so, it is rare and expensive. The different sources of Ruby have the different quality of it. The biggest source of Ruby to enter in the gemstone market is Myanmar. The mining of Ruby gemstone in Myanmar is very old and it was started ages ago. The ‘pigeon red’ Ruby is mined in Mogok, and it is the purest among all.

Ruby Gemstone

Recently, Thailand, Kenya, Pakistan Sri Lanka, Tanzania has also been supplying the gemstone in a large quantity but the Ruby from Mogok the purest and natural among all. Besides, Ruby also enters the market from the U.S. State of Montana, South Carolina and North Carolina. African mines have also been contributing in the gemstone market by supplying the Ruby gemstone.

How to know about the quality of Gemstone?

The quality of the gemstone differs from the place where it is mined. So, the quality of all the gemstone is different and uniform. Take a stone and scratch it against the stone, if it shows the sign of rubbing against the stone then the quality for the Ruby is considered as the fine Ruby. But if it has no effect on its weight after rubbing the stone against the stone then it may be categorized as the good Ruby. If the Ruby stone ignites in the darkness then it is considered as the best quality Ruby. The best quality Ruby is rare and is extremely expensive.

Fun fact: Ruby gemstone is never worn along with these gemstones: blue sapphire, diamond, and hessonite.

The table shows the different information about the ruby gemstone.

Gemstone Natural Mozambique Ruby
Weight 1.14 carats
Treatment None.
Origin Mozambique
Planetary Energy Sun
Patron Location Bangalore / India
All inclusive Price $ 2422.67 / INR 157474

What are the benefits of the Ruby gemstone?

  • Ruby gemstone has the mystical power that benefits the wearer in many aspects. It is also named the stone of love, romance, and emotion. So, it creates a good relation between the couples and family members. In ancient time, this stone was used to gift the loved ones that helped them to flourish their relation. Nowadays, people use this stone during the anniversary and engagement ceremony.
  • Ruby also has the health benefits. The unique energy and radiation radiated through it helps in improving the eyesight and calms the mind and body. It is also believed to cure the depression and anxiety.
  • For the students and professional, it helps in achieving the good grades, bring the luck and opportunities. This stone increases the concentration power and boosts the memory.
  • For the self-realization and boosting the self-confidence, the Ruby gemstone helps much. The energy from this stone enhances the self-esteem and self-confidence. It encourages the wearer to do the new things and creates with the lots of opportunities.

So, these are the benefits of the ruby gemstone for the wearer if worn properly and if worn the proper and natural gemstone. So, be cautious about the original and natural Ruby gemstone while buying it.