Frequently Asked Questions About GABA

You have heard from other parents that GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric Acid) works for them but you quickly dismissed it for lack of knowledge. It is time that you get to know more about GABA and what it does in the body. You have to understand that it is a key neurotransmitter.

In fact, GABA has been recognised only in recent years. However, research shows that it has a huge role to play in improving a multitude of health conditions. It is crucial that you know more about it so you can make the most out of it. Here are the frequently asked questions about GABA:

What is GABA?

GABA is a neurotransmitter that facilitates the sending of messages between the brain and the nervous system. The main function of GABA is to reduce the nerve cells activities in the nervous system. It is also thought to have a natural calming effect thereby reducing feelings of anxiety. In fact, it is commonly used as a natural supplement to promote sleep and improve mood, which is good for parents.

What is gaba good for?

As mentioned earlier, GABA has a huge role to play in improving or alleviating a multitude of health conditions. Here are some benefits of GABA:

1.    It relieves anxiety
2.    It improves sleep
3.    It reduces symptoms of depression
4.    It decreases inflammation
5.    It increases growth hormone levels

What are the risks and side effects of GABA?

GABA neurotransmitters

You have to know that GABA is safe for most people. In fact, you can use it with minimal to no side effects. However, there are others who should limit or avoid its use like pregnant or breastfeeding women. Moreover, if you are already taking depression or anxiety medications, you should first consult your doctor before taking GABA supplements.

What is GABA dosage guide?

The dosage will depend on the age, sex, and the weight. So before starting, it is best to consult your doctor. Your doctor can help you determine the right dosage. You can also refer to the dosage guideline you can see on the label. However, the typical dosage for stress relief is 750 to 800 milligrams every day divided into 3 to 4 doses. The typical what does gaba do is 250 to 650 milligrams three times daily – a total of 750 to 1,950 milligrams.

Remember that it is best to start a lower dose and work your way up. This is to make sure that you can tolerate it well. Through this also, you can find the dosage that is right for you. If you notice any negative side effects, it is crucial that you decrease your dosage and consult with your doctor right away.

Where to find GABA?

The good news is that GABA supplements are available over-the-counter. If you want convenience, there are many online stores offering GABA supplements. One good thing is that you can find supplements that mix GABA with other anxiety-reducing compounds for ultimate effect.

If you are looking for other options, you can consider other natural supplements for anxiety that can stimulate the increase of GABA activity in your brain. You can start with Valerian root.