What To Expect When Traveling to Santa Cruz for Business

Business travel is different from traveling for pleasure. If you haven’t traveled for business in a while, you may need a refresher course. Your business travels will improve with time, but it’s just like planning any other trip – the more you do it and the better you plan, the better it will go.

Check out the following tips for planning a business trip to Santa Cruz, California.

Travel & Expense Policy

It’s important to understand your company’s travel & expense policy before going on a business trip to Santa Cruz. Your client or employer should already have such a policy in place. If they don’t have one, clarify the expenses for the trip in advance via e-mail.

The factors you should clarify whether it’s based on actual expenses or per diem (i.e. daily allowance). Find out if the fees cover the airline, hotel room, internet, meals, and more. It’s important to know if there are any exceptions to the policy. For instance, is documentation required?


Frequent Travelers Programs

Find out if any awards are being accrued from your frequent flyers or frequent travelers’ program? Some employers may use these rewards to offset the costs of the trip. Other business travelers invest in these programs to make business cost-effective. They can also save these rewards for a free beach vacation or exotic getaway of their own.

If you’re not on a frequent travelers program, then you should join one. These are customer loyalty programs that allow you to accrue points based on activity levels and expenses for the duration of your trip. These programs often include incentives based on travel conditions. Use your personal information to register for the program soyour account stays active even if your employer changes.

Travel with Colleagues

Travel with colleagues to help offset the costs and responsibilities for your business trip.Sharing a hotel room and car rental can help cut costs. You can also split up your corporate equipment and materials by using separate sets of luggage. If there is any driving, it’s nice to be able to trade off and relax or get some work done for a bit while someone else drives. The same can be said for manning booths or attending certain functions where it’s not necessary for everyone to be there.

Choose Function Over Form

The equipment required will impact your business trip more than anything else. Business cases and suitcases are at the top of the list of must-have business equipment. Butof course, it doesn’t stop there. Consider packing other equipment such as battery chargers, office supplies, laptops, scanners, printers, and tablets. Make the right decision with your end goal in mind. Choose function over form since you’ll have to fit some of this equipment into your luggage.

The Right Hotel

Staying at the right hotel can make your business trip to Santa Cruz more enjoyable.

While there are plenty of Santa Cruz hotels, how do you choose the right one? If you check out reviews, location, and amenities, you’ll find that the Hyatt Place Santa Cruz a popular hotel for business travelers to the area. It’s situated near the Beach Boardwalk, which combines modern comforts with a coastal culture. You can take a walk on the beach after a day of business meetings and conferences. Aside from its great location, the hotel offers 24/7 dining and fast, free Wi-Fi, making it the perfect place to hole up and get some work done, too.