Types of vacuum cleaners

There are several vacuum cleaners in the market, but if you want to know the best ones to purchase then do click here on this website vacuumpal.com to know which one is trending and which you should purchase if you are looking for buying a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum comes in all shapes and size and there are numerous accessories and features available in the vacuum so you must read all the details about the product before purchasing. So before buying this stuff, you must read all the reviews and ratings of the product before purchasing. Do not fall into marketing jargons and read all the reviews before purchasing this product.

Vacuum cleaners usually come in two major categories i.e. Upright or cylinder variant and the other categorization is based on bagged and bagless one. You must choose the one which suits your requirements and budget. Let us understand the details of each vacuum cleaner in detail.

Upright or cylinder?

  • Upright vacuums – this is the most popular choice for most of the buyers and it is easy to control and use as well as store. This provides a lot of effective cleaning as compared to the cylinder ones. This is because of the brush bar which can remove dirt from hard to reach places.
  • Cylinder vacuums – this is a traditional version of the vacuums that are cheaper than the upright ones. The only advantage of this type is that it is light and compact. You can use it for cleaning small spaces, stairs, and upholstery.

Bag or bagless?

Some vacuum has dust bags inside them while some are bagless. There are some pros and cons of both the variants, so do check the details before buying. If you want to get to check out a wide variety of options of vacuum cleaners to buy then click here on vacuumpal.com to see the options with reviews.

  • Bag – in these vacuum the dust bags are inside the vacuum to store the debris. You can either empty it into your dustbin and clean it or just dispose it completely and replace with another bag. It is more hygienic and easy to clean but is costlier and has poor performance as compared to the bagless ones.
  • Bagless – these vacuum cleaners have a filter within the dust canister to trap the debris. The bagless variants are cheaper and easy to maintain, but its repair is costly and it is difficult to clean.