The laser sets are perfect for outdoor parties

The laser sets are perfect for outdoor parties

There is no need to wear a vest as the blaster itself is the target so the fun can begin as soon as you pick up your blaster. Ranking in the middle of the pack in terms of Amazon best sellers in the toy category, these laser blasters are great value for money and will last a good while too, even with more robust players. Plus, the batteries last well with this model so you won’t be faffing around in the middle of the action while you search for some fresh AAs. Ideal for outdoor parties with guests of all ages, these blasters have a long range of 40m. The range of the dynasty laser tag is perfect for encouraging lots of running around while you battle.

laser blasters are great value for money

Missile launcher:

Each player has 9 lives and the lights on the side of the blaster each represent 3 lives. But you can also customize your games to change the number of lives each player has to handicap your sharpshooters. There are 4 settings to play with including a pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, and missile launcher giving you different options for play. Each set has its own awesome sound so that you know what you are shooting each time with the dynasty laser tag. To reload your ammo, all you need to do is tap the base of the blaster and you are good to get back to the battle.

Available shots:

Change the ammo, life and available shots each time to create a different gaming style and work your strategies to beat the other teams. You will have to work smartly to make the most of your ammo before you need to reload again. To reenter the game once you have run out of lives, all you need to do is reset or turn your blaster off and on again and your lives will be restored. If you are playing competitively, you will need to watch out for smart, sneaky children who do this secretly. You can play over 40m – ideal for games outside or in large spaces and can pick from 4 teams: red, white, blue and green.