Couches with a Difference

Planning to go for some nature trails or camping? We are often over prepared when it comes to packing food or drinks when going for such adventures or pleasure trips. No matter how well equipped we might be, such trips also bring up the uncertainty of where can we rest, relax just lounge around.

Camping couch are here just to solve this very issue. Be it for lounging around your house, on the beach, or rest after a long nature walk, these are just meant to ease your strain.

The easiest and almost effortless solution for the travel needs. We do not need any special instrument for using this couch. All we need is the free air, present everywhere. No additional paraphernalia required to make use of these couches. It is our any place, any time friend, we can depend on.

These couches have been ergonomically designed.

Just a few swish and a few swoosh and you are good to go. These couches come in a handy carry bag making them super convenient for carrying practically anywhere. They are designed hold up the weights of at least two to three adults easily.

These are made of high quality polyester cloth and PVC. You simply open up the bag, move it against the wind direction so that air gets collected in it. Once it is done, simply lock it and it is ready to use. The air inflates the couch and one can lie back and relax on it.

Some manufacturers provide some additional pockets for keeping your mobile phones, drink cans, etc.

The design of these bags makes it possible to hold an average of 350 pound.

As it gets easily folded, these can be easily packed alongside your backpacks.

There are a variety of places where these couches can come in handy such as lazing on the beach, lounging in the parks or gardens, outdoor sofa or floating in the water.

Just as filling it with air for use is simple and easy, getting it back into its carry bag is equally easy. Keep pressing and folding the couch after opening it up. Finally, buckle it up and it fits snuggly inside the carry bag once again.

This entire process of filling in air or folding it back after use is so fast. It gets done with the snap of your fingers.

So what say! Ready for some lazing around!!