Marketing with Text Message

Text messages are those that do not require an internet connection and are also known as SMS or MMS. With the introduction of smartphones and the internet, many businesses are moving towards WhatsApp marketing and social media marketing. But this is underestimating the power of text message marketing.

In a survey that was conducted by Pew Research Center, in 21 countries, 75% of the population are still relying heavily on text messaging when it is coming to the usage of the cellphone. This medium of communication is surpassing social media marketing which is widespread irrespective of the economic status of the country.

Why opt for text message marketing?

According to surveys and research, texting is still being on the top of the list of communication methods.

Texting is on the top list in the methods of communication that are being employed by people across the world. It is still serving as the foolproof way for promoting anything anywhere. SMS marketing, also referred to as text message marketing or direct text marketing is used by several businesses to let the customers know or even potential clients about their products and service offerings.

It is also a good way to tell people about the latest offers, new product/service additions, etc. these SMS messages are being sent using algorithms by platforms or software to know whom and when to send the blasts of information. Most messages would transmit to receivers details about the sender’s brand or business, ranging from announcements about promo, giveaways, discount coupons, or similar gimmicks to get the attention of potential and returning customers.

Working on text message marketing?

If you are marketing using texting for SMBs then you can reach out to a wide range of public wherein you send information blasts using text messages. you can send content that is promotional and focused on marketing your brand, service, or product that you serve.

It is noted that on average an American uses his phone for at least 4.5 hours a day. So it is quite obvious that your text message would not be left ignored or unheeded in most cases. Texting for SMBs is easy to use and accessible marketing tool that is suitable for small businesses and cost-effective too.