What to Look for in a Power Strip

best power strips

A power strip is a small block with manifold electrical outlets that permits you to plug in additional electric devices than just two in a standard outlet. It might also lengthen the reach of your wall outlet a few feet or so. Wherever the confusion derives from is that best power strips also include inbuilt surge protectors, however, some do not.

Maximum Amp Rating of strip

The maximum amp rating commands the maximum amount of electrical current you could safely draw over your power strip. In other words, how numerous electronic devices you can plug in as well as use safely. Best power strips models have a grade of around 15A, meaning you could safely use as many electronics as you need, as long as their total power draw does not exceed that number.

Surge Protection of power strip

best power strips

Not all power strips have surge protection in-built, however, these days many do. Power surges are usually measured in a unit of energy named Joules. When looking at how much protection a surge protector offers for your electronics, this is whatever you want to look for. The higher the number, the superior the protection from surges.

How Numerous Outlets do You Need?

The number of outlets could range from 3 upwards of 12. Of course recall that no matter how numerous sockets it has, you perhaps should not use them all if you are going to surpass the maximum amp rating of the strip you choose on. It’s continually better to get more than you consider you will need though since plugging an added strip into a current one (daisy-chaining) is not commended and can be a fire hazard.

How Far does it requisite to reach?

If you only need the added sockets, then you do not need to worry about this. However, if you want to have the plugs extend a few feet further from your wall outlet, ponder a longer cord length similar an 8-foot one.

Warranty of power strip

Numerous power strips that have built-in surge protection would offer a guarantee and device protection up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.