What are the uses of mascarpone? How to use it?

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Mascarpone is the Italian cream cheese that is made from milk cream. The process is done through curdling whole cream along with any acid like vinegar, lemon juice, citric or tartaric acid. This is a popular ingredient in Lombardy and it is used in many local dishes which are a savory to sweet. This ingredient can be used as the replaced of whipped cream or butter. The market products lead through the slogan of calorie free butter which is actually convincing when used as the substitute of butter. This can also be added to soups and sauces as a replacement of heavy and sour creams.

mascarpone singapore

What are the ways to make this cream?

Most of the creams are made of milk cream and vinegar or lemon juice. Here is the simple step on how to make homemade mascarpone cream.

Take the heavy cream taken out from milk. Cream floats over milk after boiling it.Place it on the stove to cook in simmer mode and when it starts to slight boiling, it is time to add either lemon juice or vinegar. After few minutes, it is time to take out the pan from stove.

Once the cream cools, strain the ingredient in cheese cloth and take it to the bowl underneath.

After all these steps, keep the cream in fridge for 24 hours. The left over solid is the cream which you can use for the recipes.

This process may be time taking one. For easier option of getting mascarpone Singapore, get through the store bought option. This will yield a better buying and helps in instant food preparation.