Understanding The Four Types Of Ayurvedic Skin Types

When it comes to skincare, the ayurvedic approach is becoming more and more well-known worldwide. But before you jump into this, it is important that you first know your ayurvedic skin type, understand it, and learn how to care for it. There are plenty of skincare techniques out there, but this is one of the most popular today. If you are interested to know more about this, then you have come to the right place.

Caring For Ayurvedic Skin

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are the doshas or the ayurvedic mind-body principles. They are the ones that govern the mind and body activities and also create physical, emotional, and mental inclinations. The three principles are also the combination of five elements:

  • Vata – air and space
  • Pitta – fire, and water
  • Kapha – earth and water

This means that your skin type can either be Vata, Pitta, or Khapa. There are others who have a combination of these two doshas. Your ayurvedic skin type will also change over time due to external factors like the weather, diet, lifestyle, and even environmental pollution. This can be corrected through a skin-care program.

Vata Skin – Air and Ether/Space

People with Vata skin usually have smaller body frames. They are concerned and cautious at all times. Their skin is usually dry, thin, and cool to touch. They can be easily dehydrated and are vulnerable to fry and windy weather changes. The dullness of their skin can be caused by poor circulation which is why they are cool to touch. Their skins are prone to wrinkling and they tend to crack.

  • Caring for Vata. Warmth and enough nourishment are what Vata needs. Organic milk, whole grains, as well as green leafy vegetables should be added to the diet. If you have this skin type, you need to drink lots of lukewarm water for internal hydration. Warm oil self-massage can help keep your skin lubricated. For moisturizers, use a gentle and all-natural product to keep your face hydrated.

Pitta – Fire, and Water

Pitta is strong, goal-oriented, and they have a very sharp memory. They do not like heat and they get sunburned easily. They are also easily aggravated by heat, whether it’s hot food, hot weather, or even alcohol. Their skin and scalp are very sensitive. They are prone to inflammations, rashes, and also itching. Pitta needs skin care and beauty care products that can offer coolness to avoid premature wrinkling and balding. This can also prevent oily T-zones, white and blackheads, as well as discoloration of the natural pigmentation.

  • Caring for Pitta. If you have Pitta skin, stay away from harsh and synthetic cosmetics. You also have to avoid hot and spicy foods because they add more heat to your body. You can use a cooling oil for daily massage. Never forget to protect your skin. A gentle and natural cleansing and moisturizing skincare products are the most recommended.

Kapha – Earth and Water

Kapha is often relaxed and calm. Their skin is often smooth and cool to touch. They seldom get rashes or any infections. But when it is out of balance, they can suffer from blackheads, acne, oiliness of the scalp and skin. What Khapa needs is stimulating herbs.

  • Caring for Kapha. If you have this skin type, avoid sweet and deep-fried foods since this can add to your oiliness. A daily, warm oil massage can also help with circulation. You should cleanse your skin twice a day and also exfoliate using a mud-mask once a week.

Knowing what your ayurvedic skin type is very important because this is the only way for you to know how to specifically care for it. If you are not sure of what skin type you have, take a look back at the information above and let it be your guide.