Never-ending impacts of Anavar make it a favorite among users

Commonly popular as Oxandrolone, Anavar is a trivial steroid that has generally no side effects and for this reason, this medication is a great choice for beginners. This steroid was initially manufactured by Searle Laboratories during the early 1960’s. However, this medication was created to build and maintain muscles to people suffering from problems that resulted from catabolic effects, trauma, fight infections and people affected by osteoporosis. This medication is an oral drug that has a methyl group linked to the 17th carbon, which permits it to pass through your liver without getting broken down. Additionally, this drug is derived from Dihydrotestosterone that makes it highly anabolic and slightly androgenic.

Safe for women

Anavar is considered a good drug to build strength minus muscle mass. Because this medication contains less androgenic properties it is a well-known steroid for female users. Safe Anavar for women dosage is 5mg per day and with this dosage, they manage to get lean muscle and strength gains. Unlike other anabolic steroids, this steroid is considered the safest for women as it emits no dangerous side effects. This drug has lesser toxicity level and doesn’t hit the testicular, hypothalamic or pituitary axis the reason why this steroid and women complement each other.

This steroid suits people of both the genders but women get benefitted more compared to men.Because of the smaller half-life of this medication, the dosages should be taken two times a day to turn effectual. Before using this product you should have a thorough planning and take this medication responsibly. Women who take this medication properly never come across the danger of virilization. Females are advised to stop taking this medication the moment they notice signs and symptoms of virilization in their body. Additionally, do remember that if you ignore the symptoms then it can cause permanent damage to your body.

Positive impacts on men

The popularity of this product is because of its varied good impacts on men too. This drug is hugely potential and is capable of enhancing the levels of testosterone to nearly 400%. Because of its influence,a man manages to gain nearly 25% of testosterone. This medication is totally devoid of estrogen issues which are another reason why it is beneficial to men. Men find this medication too helpful for hardening their muscles and the toughness of their muscles increases manifold. This medication provides men with the nutrition for performing better the reason why they manage to get better outcomes.

Moreover, this medication melts the fat stores in your body due to which the rate of metabolism hugely increases. This product has long-lasting effects and the effects remain active in your body for 12 hours. A dosage of nearly 50mg is recommended for males. Even if they use a dosage higher than this they will be able to notice strength and lean muscle mass. Men who do not despise injections, stack this steroid with fast acting testosterone like Propionate besides cutting drugs such as Equipoise and Trenbolone. The dosage for men as well as women who wish to become bodybuilders is 5-6 tablets each day. Safe Anavar for women dose should be taken roughly an hour or two after completing a meal.