Methandienone 10mg effects

Methandienone 10mg tablet is commonly known as Dianabol. This powerful anabolic androgenic drug has a great impact on the protein metabolism that helps in protein synthesis and develops a stunning bulky physique. Professional bodybuilders use Dianabol frequently to kick start their Testosterone cycle. As an oral medication, Dbol makes you gain strength and size. But keep in mind that only pill is not doing any magic, alongside a good calorie intake, exercises, nutrition, enhance the strength of Dianabol to flourish as the best.

The amazing fact of Methandienone tablet:

Many of the anabolic drugs, though yield you bulky muscles, but most of them would be from water retention. Once the drug is discontinued, the muscles will vanish off. The Dianabol results are stunning because it improves the muscles by water retention at the very minimal range, produces lean muscle mass at the most which would stand long lasting even after discontinuation. However, after discontinuing the drug, you should not stop taking proper and balanced diet along with exercises to hold back your hard earned muscles. Since this is a prescription-only drug, you may not easily buy it from anywhere. Many countries follow their country law for each AAS. You may find out Dbol from online sources, but Dianabol results are questionable here. Because while purchasing the drug without a prescription, you do not know the exact source, manufacturer reputation, existence, etc. So, the side effects would be more than the benefits.

The side effects of Methandienone:

Lipid profile: Dianabol directly affects your lipid profile by increasing the bad cholesterol (LDL) and decreasing good cholesterol (HDL).

Water retention: Though the drug involves with minimal water retention, still it put an excessive strain to the body organs, and after a period of time, the muscle tissues start to lose their tone texture. Water retention can be reduced by decreasing the salt level in food.

Elevates blood pressure: Blood pressure hike is a serious side effect of Dbol. Users who want to undergo with Dianabol cycle should be with proper blood pressure limits. If you have issues in hypertension, do not choose Dbol and go for safe alternatives.

Hepatotoxicity: As an oral methylated drug, the liver processes the drug entirely and strain & function will be more to the liver, which would lead to liver toxicity, a dangerous side effect.

The highest rate of estrogen conversion: Large doses of Methandienone convert to estrogen and having a higher amount of estrogen is dangerous to health. It causes Gynecomastia in men, which is really an adverse side effect. To overcome this effect, Tamoxifen is stacked with Dbol.

Dianabol dose:

Though Dianabol is also available in the injectable form most of the users prefer Methandienone oral medication. It is advised to start with Methandienone 10mg tablets and do not go beyond 30 mg per day. The recommended Dbol cycle is maximum four weeks and sixteen weeks for a year.

As a bottom line, you may have an idea of taking any AAS to achieve your goal, whatever it may be. But, consulting a doctor or professionals about the drug, knowing its positive and negative effects is always good to play on a safer side.