Why Is Sealing Patios A Better Choice?

If you have decided to seal your patio, it is the right decision. It will give you immense peace now that you know that your pave stones are protected against harsh weather conditions. But if you are a little unsure about sealing patios, here is just the thing you need.

The sealed patios offer you a beautiful and functional place to enjoy. As pavers are easy to maintain and eco-friendly, they are the preferred choice of many people. Proper maintenance of the pavers helps them to keep them in brand new condition for a long time. The best way by which one can maintain the pavers is to seal them initially and then periodically resealing them.

The right time to seal the pavers

Various factors come into play while sealing the pavers. Depending on the kind of sealant available in the market, different timelines are recommended by the different companies. While paying a visit to a local home improvement store, you can have a look at various options. But not all of these products are equal. As pavers settle, they release a white, dusty substance (efflorescence), which is often trapped by the store-grade sealant. It causes the surface to have a dull look.

However, professional-grade sealants by a trusted company have better finishing and keep the pavers new for a long time. Some sealants can be applied immediately after the completion of a project, while others may wait for a while to avoid trapping efflorescence.

Ideal conditions for sealing

The application of any sealant depends on the weather a lot. Avoiding rainy weather is something that everyone might know about. Other weather conditions also must not be ignored. As the paver needs to be dry, a sunny day is quite ideal.

A sealant can be applied on a moderately warm day when the temperature range between 50 and 90 degrees. The climate of a place also affects the process, which is why it is best to leave sealing patiosin the hands of professionals.

Resealing the pavers

To maintain the protection of the patios, the sealing process must be repeated after some time. But how frequently? Well, the pavers need to be sealed again every 5 years, however, some may need the evaluation every 3 years.

Even if you forget to seal your pavers at the time of their installation, it is never too late to seal them. Epic Stoneworks can always help you with paver sealing and installation.