What are the top Thai-inspired food places in Singapore?

Thai-inspired food

Singaporeans are no strangers to Southeast Asian food, which is known for its aromatic, strong flavors, usually accompanied by a bit of spice. The lines between the average and the exceptional are blurring as the best Thai-inspired food becomes more popular.

With that in mind, some of the best Thai food in Singapore for our local foodies can help to make strong choices. 

  • Sawadee Thai Cuisine

 Sawadee Thai Cuisine can instantly gratify your hunger desire. Kudos to freshly imported ingredients from the country and the restaurant’s crafted vibes. Here you’ll find some of Singapore’s best Thai food, particularly classics like tom yum soup and green curry.

  •  Kra Pow Thai Restaurant

 Kra Pow Thai Restaurant is located in the center of Orchard, which serves Singapore’s best Thai cuisine. Drunkard Noodles, similar to the iconic Pad Thai but made with broader flat noodles, are one of their best-selling dishes.

  •  Nakhon Kitchen

 Nakhon Kitchen ticks all the boxes that make it one of the best places for thai inspired food, providing diners with the sweet balance of accessibility, affordability, and taste. What could be better than some of the best Thai food in the city? Expect to satisfy your cravings for Thai basil pork, prawn cakes, tom yum curry, sticky mango rice, and more. 

Single dishes, like fried rice and noodle soups, are quick and stuffing when time is limited. This will specify whether they want their food served as separate dishes or all with rice when placing their order at these venues. The customers will frequently find a range of freshly prepared rice curry dishes on the menu of regular restaurants.