What’s Bitcoin & Why Is This Cryptocurrency Very Popular?


Bitcoin is a buzz word in financial space today. As the matter of fact, BTC has exploded the market in last some years and a lot of people and large companies now are jumping on this cryptocurrency bandwagon and wanting the right action to happen. People who are new to this cryptocurrency space want to know; “What’s Bitcoin really?”

For the starters bitcoin is the digital currency, which falls away from control of the federal government, it is used all over the world, and used to buy things like food, beverages, cars, real estate, or other things.

Why’s Bitcoin very important?

Bitcoin is not susceptible to things such as governmental control or fluctuations in foreign currencies. BTC is backed by full faith of a person and is peer-to-peer technology. It means anybody complete the transactions with 比特币, first thing they will realize is it is much cheaper than sending money from one bank to another and using other services that needs sending or receiving money globally.

Why do people use Bitcoin?

The primary reason is Bitcoin is an answer to the destabilized governments as well as conditions where money is not valuable. Money we have; paper fiat currency with us is worthless and from a year now it will be more worthless.


Throughout our life we have seen a lot of changes happening from a way we shop, and way we see movies, listen to the music, buy cars, read books, look for the homes, how we spend our money or banking.