The season’s picks in fashion jewellery, only for you

Posted On By Hans Aanrud

We present five of the best online fashion jewellery picks for the season. Go ahead, splurge!

Jewellery has long been the most underrated element of a woman’s wardrobe. We get so fixated on clothing, that we seldom realise that it is the accessories that truly make an outfit shine. The most stunning dress can fall flat without the support of fashion jewellery.

If you’re wondering how to refresh your jewellery collection, just flick open a good fashion app like Jabong and browse for online fashion jewellery. And here’s a primer on what’s hot this season:

1 Silver jewellery. Silver has traditionally been used in Indian ethnic jewellery, with kadas, necklace sets and anklets being the most popular designs. Lately, sterling silver is being used in finger rings, nose studs and bracelets. When embellished with stones or with self-designs, silver jewellery can lend an ethnic touch to the most Western ensemble. You can try a chunky silver bangle with a plain dress and matching silver ear studs.

2 Bracelets with coloured gemstones.Bracelets are normally relegated to formal occasions, and this season is no different. Except, instead of plain metallic bands in gold or silver, online fashion jewellery apps feature bracelets with coloured gemstones. These are set in gold plated metal and they lend an essential ethnic touch to your ensemble. You can even wear them with Western wear like dresses and pants.

3 Rose gold jewellery. Rose is a classic colour tone in fashion jewellery online this season. It is a throwback to 50s Hollywood, with its elegant hue and time-defying beauty. We are glad to see the return of rose gold jewellery, in all types of jewellery from earrings to chokers. Be sure to wear it for special occasions, and with a plain pastel ensemble.

4 Ethnic danglers. Danglers have long been a favourite of many a woman. They are fun, feminine and flirty, and it’s tough to take your eyes off them as they catch the light and sparkle with your every move. This season, pick danglers with an ethnic twist: set with coloured gemstones, or with paisley motifs, or featuring jhumki styles in silver and gold. Length is no consideration – the longer the dangler, the better.

5 Layered necklaces.Layered necklaces are back after a brief hiatus of two fashion seasons. And we must say we’re thrilled, because this is a classy trend we can get on board with. Layered necklaces go the best with plain ensembles, but not with casual clothing like tees. You need a blouse with a deep neckline, or a dress in a pastel colour, or a daring tank top over fitted pants, to really rock the awesomeness of a layered necklace. The go-to length this season is mid-chest and not longer.