How to choose our prom dress colour

Prom bridal dress

To look the best on your prom day you have to wear the colours that suit your skin tone the best and there are also somecoloursthat complement your eyecolours. Andby determining which colour will loo bet with your skin toneyou will be helping yourself withnot only the prom dress but with all the other dresses you plan to wear on some other important events of your life. Here is how you can do it

Determine your skin tone

Determining you sin tone and undertone before you can buy address is very important. The toneis the colour of your skin and undertone is the colour that is under that colour and if you have determined youundertone then you can make better choices as therecolours that you can wearwith your undertone There are 3 undertones cool, warm, and neutral.People with green brown and hazel eyes have warm undertone while with grey and blue colour you have cool undertones. Your veins n also determine it and if your veins are green it means your undertone is warmand if blue then cool. Neutral isthe mix of both. With what colouredjewellery looks good on you can also determinate undertone because people with warm undertone look good in gold and those with cool look good in silver.

Selectthecolour based on tones and undertones

Now coming toward the section of the colour of your long prom dress you can select colours like greenyellow and other bold colours if you have dark skin tonewhile with the lights skin tone you mustchoose pastels and now for the medium skin tone, you can choose colours like metallicand theearth tones. Now coming towards the selection of colours based on the undertones of skin you can choose colours like yellow, red and brown and other earthy tones for warm undertones and for the cool undertone you can choose colours like blue pink and purple as they will look the best on you. So you can dress in the colours base on your skin tone and undertones.

Prom bridal dress

Pick what you like

Even after all these protocols, you won’t know which colourlooks best in unless you try on different dresses. With all of your experience in dressing up for different colours, you will know which colour looks best on you. You can go for the shopping along with your friends or someone from family so they can helpyouchoosea dressthat is actually looking good on you. Even though you are best at makingthe decision todress you still will need the secondopinion on what to wear.

Wear black

If you can’t decide on any colour the Shipley wear black because there is no way you can go wrong with black and good thing is that it looks good on all skin tones and undertones.

There are also some rules about what colours you can’t wear on prom so made sure you know them