Importance of Leadership Style Assessment

Posted On By Hans Aanrud

Leaders must leave their legacy in industries and companies that they serve and work in. This helps people around them to learn from them and step into their shoes. Companies do depend on people for core and niche areas. But they are always afraid of their best leaders jumping ships and leaving for greener pastures. So what happens when a leader in a certain niche – be it a technological niche, administrative niche or financial niche – leaves the company and heads for other companies for better remuneration and perks?

A crisis precipitates in the company. There is nobody to take up the role of the person who has just left the company. So companies must assess the leadership style of their leaders. They must assess whether the leadership style of a person is such that it leaves behind a legacy or the whole style of functioning is shrouded in mystery. So they need to understand the leadership style of their managers. That is why leadership style assessment is an important criterion for selecting mangers in businesses. But this is not the only significance of leadership style assessment. Companies need to assess the leadership style of its managers in order to enhance skills in various niches of managerial function.

You might be the biggest strategist of your company or the biggest rainmaker? Every year you may be creating new benchmarks in terms of performance but what happened if you disappeared today would you leave anything behind. The way we consider, people approach life and work of having worked with you. This is regarded as leadership legacy and your abilities have little role to play here. It deals with everything as a person on whom and how you are. In simple terms it has got a lot to do with your natural role. This has no bearing on your responsibilities or your title.

Business houses resort to leadership style assessment to estimate the strengths and weaknesses of their managers in various areas of their operation. This helps the managers to fortify their skills and management capacity in various areas of managing a business. Nevertheless, a core thrust area for assessing the leadership abilities of managers is to see if they can get involved with the team or not. Managers do need to get involved with their teams in order to sort out problems and deliver projects or services in a way that is along the expected lines. You need to gel well with team members in order to get the best out of them.

It has to be termed as natural tendencies could be accentuated a bit. The key is to align the intended styles with your natural one as far as possible. With the aid of a leadership style assessment test, you can figure out your natural role with a sense of clarity.You are in a better position to distinguish your roles and responsibilities. In hindsight, it does provide you with an opportunity of the legacy that you would want to leave behind.