What is virtual phone number and its application

These days, communication has become so easy among all over the world either it may be through phone calls or social networking sites. World has become so small that you can contact to any person in the world from your own place.  Communication from social networking sites is totally free but through phone calls, users will have to pay a bill which may be very high as international call charges are so high. These paying high bills in a start up business will lead to disappointment. There is one best service provided by internet protocol (IP) so that you will be able to call any one with local call charges. That service is virtual phone number. In this service, user will have another phone number which may be used to forward or transfer all incoming calls to another phone number. This service is beneficial as you can register yourself as the citizen of that city or country in which you call the most. Then, you call charges will be according to local call charges.

User do not need to purchase any hardware device or new mobile phone, you can use virtual phone number on your current mobile. It is not necessary to use a dual sim mobile. If you are using single sim mobile, then you also enjoy virtual phone number. You can set timing slot to transfer call on another number if you are busy or may forward voicemail. This virtual phone number is also helpful when you are in the area where any call gets reply call is not reachable. Transfer all calls on your virtual phone number and your mobile phone always rings at any place.

Applications of virtual phone number are given here:

Individuals: now, children are staying far away from their parents and they want to call them with cheaper rates so that they will be able to talk more and more. Individuals are wanted to call their friends or relatives who are in another country but they will do call to them if call charge is cheap. Otherwise they will think to call them but will not do because of high call rates. Virtual phone number is the best service that will allow you to calling anyone without thinking.

Specific business: in specific business of a company, calling cards or calling back is the important thing to communicate their client and virtual phone number helps you to do call cards or call back.

Marketing: number of companies uses many mobile numbers so that client asks for their query. Virtual phone numbers are useful for any marketing company so that they will able to reduce traffic on a particular mobile number.

Business: call center is the most popular business that uses virtual phone number service seriously and this service is so much beneficial for call centers. Main service of call center is to communicate among all over world through phone calls which may be difficult for any start up, so use virtual phone number for calling to any person in the world with cheaper call rates as local call charges.