Want to know the employee benefits in Malaysia


People are going for work to get an impressive salary to lead their life happily. In fact, 69% of Malaysians are required the impressive salary and benefits and also 49% are looking for work life balance from their supreme employer. Also, 37% of survey respondents are planned to alter the employer in the upcoming 12 months, due to mainly a limited career path.

One of the most impressive as well as famous sectors to work for in Malaysia is transportation, oil and gas, logistics and manufacturing. When you are looking for a supreme employer, the job hunters and employees in Malaysia graded the attractive benefits and salary as a most essential factor than the career progression chances or work life balance.

Nowadays, the employee benefits Malaysia is custom-made for the HR leaders and senior management who want to remain well-informed of payment as well as welfares trends and also be well equipped with the results-proven policies, which would convert their practices of human resources. According to the recent survey conducted in Malaysia, the employers will be mainly concentrated on withholding and requested to be searching for a new job due to salary issues.

Furthermore, 48% are exposed to get about the new opportunities based on the recruiting expert says. As per the survey, most of the employees in Malaysia are already having active job hunting, 19% are expecting to modify jobs and 31% requires being in a new role within upcoming six months on this year due to unsatisfied with the salary and benefits.