How to Choose Between Two Jobs

Have you got two interesting job offers? If this is your case it is likely that you are now thinking about what path to choose. There are several aspects to assess in addition to the salary that, surely, is the most appetizing and what can get us to confuse. But you must bear in mind that we spend many hours of the day working and, therefore, we must always opt for that job that is more interesting for us at a professional level and also personal. In this article of how we are going to help you to make a decision about it and why we tell you how to choose between two jobs indicating the aspects that you have to evaluate to choose the position that interests you the most.

interesting job offers

Steps to follow:

1   The salary is one of the first issues we value when we have to choose between two jobs and, although it is true that it is an important and necessary aspect, it is not the only thing that we have to take into account. Many people fall into the error of ending up choosing that offer that offers the most money because, really, we all work for money. But also because we like it, because we have a profession and we want to develop it so that, besides money, we will obviously have to assess other important issues.

The money that is charged at the end of the month is very important because, thanks to it, we can live and have the life we ​​want but we must not forget that we are many hours of our life at work and, therefore, to consider ourselves completely happy not only money is enough: there are also other values ​​such as your tasks, professional growth or the work environment that have an incisive influence on your well-being.

If the money offered in one is very low in relation to another, you can always comment on it in the interview and indicate that you are very interested in the position but that you are being offered more money in another company. In a How we tell you how to negotiate your salary in an interview.

2   In order to make this important decision, we recommend that you begin to make a list of all the aspects that both jobs offer you, for example, you can make two columns on one page and write “Company A” on the other and on the other ” Company B “, then we began to evaluate the different options: salary (as we have already indicated) but also other aspects such as what each company offers you.

For example, if a company offers you a professional projection, that is, it has the possibility of growing in the sector and, thus, making you grow at a professional level, is a point in favor; you should also assess the security offered by the job (the type of contract, the seniority of the company, etc.). All these are aspects that you have to think about, because if you take on a new job it is important that it gives you security and that it allows you to develop and grow.

3   That you can develop professionally is one of the points that are very positive and can turn out to be decisive when you are between two jobs. Keep in mind that keep learning is vital to feel motivated, to have opportunities to meet new sectors and to train you as a more complete professional. For this reason, if one of the companies offers you, for example, training courses, they will teach you new tasks that you do not know or that will bring you some type of benefit at the level of knowledge, it is a very positive point.

 4   To be able to choose between two jobs it is also important that you value the work environment in which you will perform your tasks because it is always very positive that you find yourself surrounded by colleagues with whom you can work proactively and positively. For this reason, knowing the work team that you will be involved with is important to be able to make this decision because, for example, if they are much younger or much older than you, surely you will not finish feeling that you fit the interests and way of working will be very different.

Going to happy work is basic to feel comfortable and satisfied with your work life and this well-being, in part, depends on the relationship you have with your co-workers. If a company is full of gossip, anger or problems, they will surely end up touching you and will affect your way of working. In a How we tell you how to be a good work colleague.

5   Nor should we value what the company itself can offer, that is, if it is a solid company, surely our work will have a future and stability, but nevertheless, if the company is of recent creation, your future will be a little more open to the air. .

But not only stability is what you should value but also that the sector in which the company works is interesting and related to your interests because, for example, if you love letters and start working in a mechanical company, you will hardly be comfortable with your new job because, in the long run, the subject will end up bored and tiring.

6   And, obviously, you have to think about if the tasks that you are going to develop each day are interesting and apt to your knowledge. The position for which they have taken you must be motivating to start working with enthusiasm and lots of energy; If in one they offer you a more mechanical job and in the other a more creative work, you must decide which is the most interesting for you.

You have to have a projection of the future and think if that job because you are being hired is really what you want to do in a few years or, also, ask yourself if the possibilities of expansion in that business are suited to your future ambitions.

7   Once you have finished with your list, you can assess which company offers the most interesting conditions for you at work and, therefore, you can opt for your new job. The next step will be to contact the other and say that you are not interested but, above all, be kind and responsible so as not to close any doors; how do we tell you how to refuse a job offer?

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