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woodside country club

The members are offered with the world-class amenities in the Woodside community. You can join the premier club which has a full social calendar and a friendly atmosphere. The people can enjoy the best country club living if you are a member of the reserve club. Several member classifications are offered which will also include the exceptional activities and there will be no yearly assessments. You can contact our team if you want to schedule a tour to check out the facilities offered by our company. The people who are between the age of 23 to 45 years can get the young executive membership at woodside country club. You can use the club facilities offered at our company if you have the membership.

woodside country clubApplication fees for golf cart:

The members can also attend the event conducted at the reserve club. The green fees or court fees will not be charged for the young executive members to use the pickleball, golf and tennis facilities. The application fees for the golf cart should be paid by the members if they use the golf facilities. The members are incurred with all the personal charges at the club. The club fees established by theĀ woodside country club will vary from time to time. The advance sign-up privileged are offered for the young executive members if they want to reserve the pickleball court times, tennis court times and golf starting times.

Club facilities at reserve club:

The members can use all the facilities at the reserve club if they have a full golf membership. The annual golf plan can be purchased by the club members if they want to make use of the golf practice facilities. If you want to play the golf as a guest then you should definitely pay the guest fees. The club facilities provided at the reserve club can be used only if you have a sports membership. The pickleball and tennis activities can be used by the sports members without charging any court fees. The members will never feel bored with the facilities offered by the club.