Bashir Dawood Creates Wonders With A Transplant Center

Pakistan is developing at a fast pace. With a great philanthropist, Bashir Dawood, on its side, the country has seen wonders none could imagine. One such noble deed under the umbrella of the leader is the transplant center foundation at SIUT. It is more of an elegant feather in the cap of the welfare activities by the leader, which is more likely to unravel more to the people.

What is the aim of the transplant center?

Organ failure is a common problem these days. There could be many reasons for such a disastrous situation, and generally, immediate treatment is required. Finding a donor is not an easy game, and the patient needs to present tons of money for the transplant process. It is undoubtedly true that not everyone is privileged to afford an organ transplant or find a matching donor within the stipulated time. For a country like Pakistan, it gets even tougher to administer such facilities, considering the economic and educational backwardness in the country. To aid his countrymen in all such difficulties, Bashir Dawood, the renowned philanthropist, laid the foundation of a charitable organization in the name of a transplant center at SIUT. The transplant center shall function free of cost and include all other facilities that the patients may require. It is a piece of many noble works initiated by the leader and is about to unfurl bright colors for Pakistan.

What facilities shall it include?

The transplant center is a remarkable project in the history of Pakistan. It includes an organ transplant operation theatre besides many other facilities for the welfare of the patients. There is a lot to mention about the infrastructure and establishment of the center. It stretches over an area of 250,000 sq ft. A 14 story structured building with a 100-bed facility makes up the image of this charitable property. The donations and kind gestures of the philanthropist leader were able to give rise to Rs 1.5 billion to begin from foundation to the roof of the transplant center in four years. All the factors made the establishments possible, such as transplant wards, donor wards, pre-transplant units, ICUs, and rehabilitation centers. In addition to this, the establishment includes radiology services, modern operation thereat, and much more. The transplant center is versatile in dealing with transplants, including liver, pancreas, bone marrow, intestine, and cornea.

This new addition to the glory of SIUT shall ensure the welfare of Pakistan with a promise that no one thinks twice before an organ transplant, at least not in terms of poverty.