Aspects to consider for a good management in the warehouses of the companies

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Warehouse management is increasingly important for companies to fulfill the promises they make to their customers and to be able to save more time and allocate money to other areas of the company.

What is warehouse management?

It is the logistics process that is responsible for receiving, accumulating, moving and maintaining any type of material, such as public storage facility lodi:  

  • Raw material
  • Semi-finished products
  • Processed products
  • Safeguard machines and equipment

In addition, warehouse management is also responsible for planning the storage of these products in a location, planning the movement, the supply and keeping the exact control of the stocks that are so important to produce more and sell more.

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Is there a difference between warehouse management and inventory management?

  • Actually all are based on the same idea with the difference of complexity, that is, the size of your company. In the image you will have an example:
  • If you have a small business, inventory management tells you how many units of the product you have a place.
  • If, on the other hand, you have a slightly larger company, you will have to deal with more complex tasks such as knowing how many products are finished and how many are in half, knowing how many are defective, doing maintenance work on the site where it is stored and all the tasks related to it. to the management of a warehouse.

The general tasks of warehouse management are:

  • Input and materials, supplies and products
  • Supply to production
  • Exact location of the product in the warehouse
  • State of the product or material ( finished, almost finished , etc.)
  • Product characteristics ( Size M , green color , version 40 GB , for example)
  • Identification and labeling of the product
  • Product photos
  • Movement of operators
  • Machines commissioned (forklifts, cranes, etc.)
  • Connected with the sales department to update availability
  • Distribution of products inside and outside the warehouse
  • Quality management
  • Warehouse maintenance plan
  • Security plan
  • Control of expiration dates