3 Major Benefits of Door Hangers in Mount Pleasant, SC

door hangers in Mount Pleasant, SC

Custom door hangers in Mount Pleasant, SC, prominently hung on door knobs, deliver your messages to the doorstep of your potential customers!

Door hanger distribution in commercial areas and communities is quite successful. Customized door hanger flyers are a well-liked and reasonably priced way to advertise various surrounding companies, including restaurants, auto shops, home improvement, vendor services, etc. Additionally, customized door hangers are often used in political campaign promotion.

How Effective is Door Hanger Advertising?

There are a few perks to comparing door hangers to direct mail campaigns or postcards. Even though all three techniques drive the message home, the latter items may be misplaced among other “spam” mail and discarded before even being opened. But the door hanger’s message is more likely to be understood since it is very obvious what it is and hence, cannot be ignored.

Other benefits of door hangers in Mount Pleasant, SC include its low cost, its high discovering potential for wide observatory angles (a passer-by just by a house may see it and may want to stop to read it), its localization and target for particular neighborhoods and demographics, the effort and interest needed to distribute the door hangers, which communicates importance to potential customers.



Door hangers are very straightforward. They don’t need envelopes, postage, folding, binding, or any other steps to prepare them for distribution. You can start going door-to-door the minute you receive them, and the die-cut hole or hook makes them very quick and easy to distribute.


The door hanger hanging from a door knob or handle will demand the homeowners take it off themselves. This way, discoverability is assured. Additionally, there is a significant probability that your door hanger will be just the one there, drawing more attention from potential customers to your particular offer.


Door hangers are among the most economical advertising strategies because they are basic. In addition to being cheap to print (particularly if you select a common size), they are also cheap to distribute.