Drawing an art that introduces us to all the different things in life

Rose is called the Queen of flowers and also King of Flowers, which means that it’s royal and majestic power is highly enticing to humans, not only does it appeals us with its beauty and grace but also sooths our sense every time we look at a Rose.

 No other flower has that kind of effect on us, as the rose does with its fragrance, beauty, colour everything seems poetic about it and is universally the most favourite flower of all. Even in art it has its own importance, artists, budding art enthusiastic at one point in life would have stopped and drawn a beautiful rose flower with all their love and might.

Drawing for children

Drawing plays a very essential role in every child’s cognitive development. It not helps to think, but also to be creative, in hand also develops hand-eye co-ordination and conceptualising new and different ideas. It is important to learn drawing for children and get visual education.

Especially for children, while the basic of drawing starts, with all the fruits, shapes and flowers drawing flowers seems the most interesting one, as drawing helps to introduce the picture with colours and other parts drawings it gets easy for the children to recognize and understand the picture in a better way possible. Drawing makes a memory in the mind that helps to remember the picture of an object in a better way.

Teaching to draw

Flowers seem the easiest to draw and while we plan for roses drawings, it is important to first see or if we are showing it too children than an actual rose is to be shown. This helps in understanding the flower better as seeing is nothing but a visual contact that prints into our mind along with the colour, texture with the feel, also fragrance by smell can help in drawing as well, it is called visual sensory drawing.

Drawing can also help in improvising memory for children at an early age to introduce anything, drawing makes the best possible way of teaching, as they get involved in it, with colours to paint and explore their talent too. The teaching flowers specially roses drawings as it’s the king of all flowers and very pretty, it gets easy to teach.

A lot can be expressed through drawing and art, it is also a great way to vent out all the pent up energy that we have within us be it positive and negative which helps revive us from all the worries and tensions that bothers us.