The common side  effects of durian fruit

The durian has unbelievable benefits and even there are some side effects. So taking proper amounts of durian would be more beneficial to anyone. Even there is fast durian delivery pasir ris by which one can benefit easily as you can get fruit to your home directly.

 Durian Side Effects

  • Although there are many health benefits of durian fruit, consuming large amounts of durian fruit or in excess can provide risks that will be harmful to health. Side effects of durian if consumed in excess can cause excess gas production in the stomach, thus making you feel uncomfortable. In addition, some other reactions such as stomach pain, vomiting and allergies can also occur in some people.
  • Diabetics should also limit the consumption of this fruit so as not to get the side effects of durian fruit.
  • Despite the low glycemic levels in durian, several studies have also found that consuming durian in excess can worsen diabetes in a person. This happens because excessive durian consumption increases blood sugar levels in the body. Side effects of durian can also appear if eating spicy food is accompanied by eating durian in any form, including dessert.
  • The combination of these two foods causes gas production in the stomach to increase, this can also trigger gastric diseases such as ulcers and stomach acid.  Fatally, this problem can also cause death. Durian has its line of diehard fans due to its delicious taste, soft and sweet flesh, and the fruit is not that hard to find in many countries.

Processed durian is also no less delicious and a must-try for lovers of this fruit so eating and enjoying is more fun.!

These are some of the side effects and a thing is taken in limit will be beneficial so taking according to recommendations would be beneficial.