Reasons for amazon account suspension

It is not easy to be a seller on Amazon, however, it also isn’t hard to be one. There are various reason due to which your seller account could get suspended. Amazon generally informs the seller about the cause of their suspension. However, you can take steps to recover the account by amazon suspension appeal, but it is important that you know about the various reasons that could get your account suspended.

Poor Seller Performance 

If you are a seller on Amazon, then you have to perform well. Or else your account could get suspended. Amazon is very strict with the performance metrics of its seller. The reasons could include a low score in customer’s feedback, untimely shipping or canceling of too many products. All these reasons would first lead to the suspension of your ASIN and if the violations stillpersist, your account would be fully suspended. Amazon has its minimum criteria under which the order defect rate should be less than 1%, the fulfillment cancel rate should be not more than 2.5 % and the last shipment rate should be lower than 4%. The sellers need to achieve this requirement in order to continue to remain as a seller on Amazon.

amazon suspension

Seller Policy Violation

Before you sign up to be a seller on Amazon, you need to understand the requirements of Amazon. You got to audit your product information regularly in order to ensure that you meet Amazon’s requirement and you do not violate them. This is one of the prime reason of account suspension.

In order to prevent your account from suspension, you have to agree to all the policies and requirements of Amazon and you should be thoroughly familiar with them. Also, you got to follow the news of Amazon for and requirements update. Once you are updated with all the rules, policies and agreements, it will be less likely for you to avoid breaking the rules.

Selling/Displaying Restricted Products

Amazon has always tried to maintain the highest quality in terms of product information. If you are listing restricted products in the product information, then these products are identified by Amazon and your account may get suspended.  It is important to ensure yourself from any kind of restricted listings or your account maybe reported of violations. Sometimes some items are also incorrectly flagged by Amazon, so in such situations, you should be well aware of the rules and contact the Amazon support quickly.


If you follow the rules properly, your account will never be suspended by Amazon.

Want to Buy Pre-owned Car? Know How?

 As the world is getting more fancy, everything is getting more and more expensive. But it is important that you still have some deals that are more affordable and easy to buy. There are many cars for sale in Fresno so you can get the best deals in the car. But to get a pre-owned car, you will have to go through a checking process too. So, remember to check few things before you finalize the deal.

The Engine:

Even though the second-hand market can be doubtful, but you still have the chance to get a good deal. So before you buy the car, check its engine. The engine will tell you how many years of the car are left. You can get the engine checked with the help of another mechanic. Usually, the odometer won’t indicate the wear and tear to the engine.

Test Drive:

Another important factor is the test drive. If you are not an experienced driver, then take one with you and get a test drive. The driver will analyze the working condition of the car. Only a well-experienced driver can test for the suspension, noises, steering, gears, brakes, and most of all the ease of driving.

The driver would find the most apparent condition of the car and the testing will ensure that the car meets your requirements.

Service History:

Taking a view on the service history of the car is also very essential. Every vehicle needs timely servicing and thus, it is important that the owner of the car get it serviced on a regular interval. If the history of the vehicle has some major accidents or working failure, then the issue is most likely to happen again. Therefore, you must check the service history of the car.

used cars fresnoMaintenance:

The  cars for sale in fresno are maintained properly, that’s why they are the largest independent car dealership around the area. A well maintained pre-owned car is very hard to find. But with the help of Fresno, you can easily find great deals in cars which are well maintained. Only the well-established service can provide you with great deals.

Plus it is safer to buy the pre-owned cars from such dealership as it is an obligation for them. Only the authorized dealers will provide you a beneficial deal as they have to keep up their reputation too. You should also keep spare parts of the car too because old cars often have maintenance issues.


At last, you will also have to do your research and check the vehicle documents properly.  A valid Pollution control certificate, insurance paper, tax token, and other original documents must be kept safe and intact in case you need them.